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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Hobart Tasmania - MISSION STATEMENT


To serve the community, providing insight and education to clients and the public, with the intention of increasing and improving their awareness, health, well being and self confidence so they may empower there own mental and emotional freedom.

Core Beliefs and Values

Hobart is a beautiful place to live filled with a friendly, interconnected network of people. So providing the local community with a service that provides compassionate support in the health and wellness sector, as well as education on the principle and core philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, is a core philosophy here.


We believe in educating clients and patients that are interested about different perspectives during the treatment journey, which empowers them to take control over certain aspects of their health, whilst we provide the necessary treatment.

We believe in the value and utility of Chinese MEdicine and Acupuncture, be it in supporting people dealing with chronic or acute pain, or health conditions.

We feel that we can work with other allied health and medical modalities to support patients in the areas that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine shines,  understanding that all modalities have strengths and weaknesses, but can complement each other for the best interest of the patient.

We feel that patients deserve to receive treatment from skilled professionals with the highest level of training in the field, skill or service they seek. Hence our advocacy for registered Acupuncturists to provide Acupuncture.

When assessing a patient, if it appears that the treatment requires the input and insight of another profession, practitioner or specialist in a particular field, we feel it our duty to refer in the best interest of the patient.

Our belief in the simplicity of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and how it looks at physiology and the emotions, stems from an understanding that it has thousands of years of clinically relevant observation, theory and scientific trials that relate to us if and when it is the most suitable form of treatment.

We see Aupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as an ancient but constantly evolving system with unique diagnostics, which aims to balance and harmonise the mind, body and emotions.


Picture of Acupuncture Practitioner in Hobart Tasmania

Chad Wuest

Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist

So How Does Our Clinic Operate?

When you decide you want to book in for an Acupuncture session with us in Hobart, the first session is a “get to know you” and also a treatment, so it usually takes slightly longer than a standard return consult. Sessions usually run for about 45 mins but sometimes a bit longer, the initial consult in particular. We like to talk through everything and see how you are doing and what has brought you to book in. Depending on what’s happening, during a treatment, the therapies can include Acupuncture, cupping, electroacupuncture, ear acupuncture and Herbal Formulae. 

During a treatment we might discuss different perspectives of how to look at diet, health, or how chinese Medicine looks at well-being in general.

Another key discussion point is what the plan might be and how to get there. So there may be the discussion of how Acupuncture usually works and how you can get the most out of it, how the treatment schedule might look. After the treatment session we can see how you’re feeling and find out if you have any questions relating to it and offer some advice on when to come in for the next session, with your agreement.

In the initial few sessions of Acupuncture, we try to work out how you are responding to the treatment, because every person has their own unique physiology and psychology. This is important, because it guides us on how your unique treatment plan should look like. We might follow up briefly with patients with a non intrusive text to see how the first sessions went. This is a good chance for you to let us know what you might be noticing and any questions that come up, feel free to share.

During the journey, we will touch base during every visit and continuously monitor what is happening. If any changes to the treatment plan need to be made, we can adjust as and when needed. As always, it’s always a good idea to ask questions during treatment or the time between treatments, if you are wondering about the Acupuncture, how the Acupuncture works or the overall process in general. Let us know, we are here to serve.