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Acupuncture Clinic in Hobart back into full swing

Hobart Acupuncture Clinic - Hobart Tasmania

It’s been a long break, but our clinic is slowly getting back into more of a full time operational capacity. We have the heat lamp turned on, ready for the cold winter weather approaching quickly.

The multi modality clinic location in North Hobart, which is operated by Precisely Chiropractic, has had some rather nice changes made aesthetically. There is a health councillor, massage therapist and beauty therapist, along with myself (Acupuncturist) working together.

Just a little about how the Acupuncture clinic in North Hobart operates, for those that haven’t visited before.

With a particular special interest in pain conditions, I use modern approaches (methods advanced in the last 60 years) of Acupuncture, combined with classical and traditional approaches (dating back several thousands of years). Even though classical acupuncture can be quite helpful, sometimes different methods are added in, or used a s a stand alone treatment depending on what’s happening.

For anyone that wants to talk through a particular issue they’re facing, feel free to give me a call to see if Acupuncture might be helpful for you.

Very happy to getting back into the swing of things after an extended break.

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